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Critical Thinking Educational Programs

Inspiraire Scientia 


Generating enthusiasm

for critical thinking


the sciences...

Inspiraire Scientia

Pi Day with Archimedes

Mole Day with Marie Curie and Amadeo Avogadro

Michael Faraday and the Puzzle of Electricity

Investigating Chemicals with Monsieur Antoine Lavoisier

Charles Darwin's Adventure Uncovering the Patterns that Link the Tree of Life

The Science of Sound with Monsieur Joseph Fourier 

Sci-Fi Day with Mary Shelley

Ada Lovelace's Adventures in Coding and Robotics

Exploring the Universe with Caroline Herschel and Edwin Hubble 

*Science Modules: "Inspiraire Scientia" copyright © Mission of a Reasoning Society, doing business as The Center for a Reasoning Society, 2018  - all rights reserved

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