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Critical Thinking Educational Programs

Center for a Reasoning Society has developed several programs for K12 and public libraries, generating enthusiasm for critical thinking, science, and mathematics.

CFARS Critical Thinking Professional Development Program provides teachers with an approach to nurturing critical thinking skills in the classroom. 

Cultural Literacy Programs


Fort Carson, Library Program

CFARS is promoting a cultural literacy program using DVDs from The Great Courses in Fort Carson, Colorado.  This supports those who serve in the military and their families with college lectures on a variety of core topics like philosophy, history, mathematics, art history, science, and other key areas.


Mole Day

Seeing through chemistry

Meet great thinkers in the field of chemistry such as Dmitri Mendeleev, Amadeo Avogadro, and Marie Curie. Explore core areas in this field, and make exciting discoveries. 

Pi Day

Fun with math and coding

This is about the legacy of an irrational number. Meet Archimedes, visiting from ancient Greece, and help him solve a mystery.

Sci-Fi Day

Envisioning the future

Mary Shelley, author of Frankenstein introduces the world of story telling and digital movie production through the lens of science fiction.

Coming soon

Faraday Day

Themes in Physics

Brain Day

Themes in Psychology and Neuroscience

Lucy Day

Themes in Anthropology