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Introducing CFARS 

Reason lights the way

Center for a Reasoning Society (CFARS) is a meeting place for free thought and open inquiry. We value free expression and diversity, and recognize how critical thinking truly benefits our society. Reason may be considered the opposite of dogmatic thinking. Like the Royal Society of Britain's motto, 'take nobody's word for it' we think it's a good thing to keep an open mind and keep asking questions.

Environmental and humanitarian challenges

Prioritizing life on our planet

We know from environmental science that human-caused climate disruption is a complex global threat. This is a human-caused problem and a solution is urgent. One of our special interest groups, Citizen-passport, highlights environmental and humanitarian challenges to a global audience. Center for a Reasoning Society also donates to relief efforts around the globe to support people in need.  You can view our record of our organization's donations here.  


Critical thinking educational programs

Inspiring scientific curiosity in the classroom


CFARS develops curriculum and leads exciting programs for K12 and libraries to inspire a scientific and critical perspective. These educational modules utilizing project-based learning activities offer a short and dynamic introduction to various fields of science and the humanities. With a team of parents, college, high school, and intermediate school students, we've now produced and led almost ten modules that have generated much enthusiasm. Our time machine brings great minds to the classroom, with visits so far from Archimedes, Charles Darwin, Marie Curie, and a number of others. Our program modules are available for distributing widely.


We currently have developed seven different modules that inspire scientific curiosity. CFARS offers a Critical Thinking Professional Workshop to help teachers nurture a critical attitude in their classrooms.  CFARS also supports cultural literacy programs for libraries. Citizens of the World for youth, explores science and cultural legacies, and is centered on global citizenship.

Crisis of anti-reason

Truth matters 

Fake news and disinformation cause people to lose sight of what information or claims are sound and accurate or credible and reliable. This purposeful and politically driven spread of disinformation is dangerous. "Alternative facts" are not facts.  We have a responsibility to protect ourselves and our communities from such deception.  To be informed citizens today requires a special effort by each one of us to cautiously reason, an application of healthy skepticism, and an updated understanding of unconscious biases. CFARS offers resources for reasoning and encourages a holistic approach to reasoning well. We are currently developing a program for the public, a workshop to combat fake news.


The legacy of reasoning

Acknowledging the great contributions 

Many great contributors  have illuminated a path of insight and understanding lighting our way through reason. These range from philosophers, scientists, and creative authors, to men and women who dedicated themselves to make a positive difference for humanity in the areas of social justice and human rights. We can only follow in their footsteps and build upon their great accomplishments, continuing the legacy of reason to enlighten the world.  

Please feel welcome to contact us to join our effort or to learn more. 


Below (coming soon) are links sharing our 501(c)(3) credentials and bylaws and a list of Center for a Reasoning Society's amazing board members.


Our bylaws
Meet our board members
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