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your donation supports humanitarian efforts all over the world

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Center for a Reasoning Society has several volunteer projects and also makes regular charitable donations. These include making contributions to global humanitarian efforts to supporting local organizations doing beneficial works for their communities.  If you would like to make a donation to help support humanitarian relief efforts or if you would like to join us as a volunteer, please contact us! 

photo by CFARS board chair, David Shever


Center for a Reasoning Society 501(c)(3) has been funded solely by our members since we began over twenty years ago. For those who wish to support our efforts or for those who would like to make a donation, please use the contact us box to reach us.  

CFARS Humanitarian Donations

Ukrainian Children's Relief Funds  3.1.2022
CFARS contributed to UNICEF to support help children in Ukraine that are being affected by the assault on the people of Ukraine. 

United States - Texas Relief  2.28.2021  :  CFARS donated to ACTBLUE as the non-profit funding to help provide relief for the Texans who have been in desperate situations because of a snow storm with power outages.  This supports the work of Representative Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez to reach out directly to help food banks and eldercare organizations that were bearing the brunt of support requirements for struggling people in this state.  

We have just made a donation to the COVID-19 Solitary Response Fund for the World Health Organization. As the Center of a Reasoning Society, this shows our commitment to an internationalist approach to join problem solving, international cooperation in using science to address the crises that humanity faces, and a striving for equity in relation to addressing human suffering.

Yemen  7.31.2020
CFARS contributed to support the relief effort in Yemen through UNICEF USA to support relief efforts there. This is one of the world's worst humanitarian crisis -- at the intersection of war, famine, and the pandemic have been taking a terrible toll on human life and the prospects of children.

Congo Ebola Relief Effort  8.22.2019

CFARS has donated through Mercy Corps to the Congo Ebola Relief Effort. From articles, we can see that medical personnel are struggling to establish lost trust as they are characterized as being on one side or another.  This has led to a loss of capability to respond directly to the outbreak.

CHOICES, Memphis Center For Reproductive Health  2.24.2019

CFARS has just donated to CHOICES, a Memphis, TN clinic that provides comprehensive reproductive health care to all, even for those who can not afford the cost of services.  CFARS supports organizations such as CHOICES who are dedicated to providing excellent medical care in a "judgment-free space." CHOICES helps those in need to make informed choices about their reproductive health and treat all people with dignity and respect.  

Yemen  11.15.2018

CFARS contributed to support the relief effort in Yemen through Mercy Corps. The UN reported that due to the crisis of the ongoing civil war, 14 million people in Yemen may be on the brink of famine -- and 2 million people have been displaced.  Families are struggling to survive, severe outbreaks of cholera and other communicable diseases are ongoing. 

California Wildfires   11.13.2018

CFARS contributed to the CDP California Wildfires Recovery Fund to help support intermediate and long term recovery efforts to help those displaced by the ​Camp and Woolsey Fires. Officials say 9,700 houses and 144 apartment buildings were destroyed by the Camp Fire.

Mexico Earthquake Relief   9.25.2017 & 10.2.2017

CFARS has contributed to the UNICEF Mexico City Earthquake effort, with devastation in that city because of the soft foundation on which it is built inordinately high.  UNICEF has significant experience in this type of response and seemed to be a lead in the effort of supporting Mexican first responders.

Rohingya Refugee Relief   9.25.2017

The Rohingya Refugee relief effort of UNICEF needs support to help those being purged with genocide tactics from Myanmar (Burma).  They are not only suffering this plight, but also having trouble getting acceptance and support from Bangladesh and India as they flee in that direction.  Ethnic and religious differences drive the cultural conflict, but the violence appears to be carried out by the Myanmar military.

Sacred Stone Camp - Standing Rock 12.17.2016

CFARS donated to the Sacred Stone Camp to support their effort to sustain a place at the negotiating table for what happens to their land. CFARS supports an inclusive and informed discourse as we decide as a society how we treat each other humanely and what risks we should be taking with our natural resources in the face of the economic and technological drivers that have led our society to this point of contention. 

Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Aid, Mercy Corps  10.16.2016

CFARS donated again to provide relief to the Syrian refugee crisis. This ongoing humitarian effort has not come to a quick end, and further relief is necessary. 

Puerto Rico Hurricane Relief   10.1.2016

CFARS donated to the Mercy Corp effort to support the Island of Puerto Rico.  The devastating damage there has made standard response difficult and we hope that our contribution can help increase aid early in the response and recovery timeline.

Planned Parenthood   3.3.2015

CFARS has just donated to Planned Parenthood, an organization that supports evidence-based medicine along with scientific information and alternatives for women regarding reproductive health.  This organization stands strong in the face of ideologically-driven attacks, blatant lies, and campaigns of demonization as it empowers women to take their lives and their choices into their own hands. 

Nepalese Post-Earthquake Reconstruction   10.19.2015

CFARS has just donated to Dad's Gift, an organization that supports the ongoing relief effort helping Nepalese communities and families reconstruct after the recent earthquake.  This particular organization has local contacts in Nepal.  You can learn more about them on their website:

Syrian Refugee Humanitarian Aid, Mercy Corps   9.19.2015

CFARS has donated to the Syrian refugees to assist with their journey to safety.  We used Mercy Corps, our primary conduit for international aid efforts.  Please consider making independent company personal donations directly through Mercy Corps.  There are several major humanitarian crises going on in the world right now, and donations can save lives.  CFARS also gave not long ago to the Nepal Earthquake relief effort through Mercy Corp.

Japanese Earthquake-Tsunami-Nuclear Disaster, Mercy Corps  2011

CFARS has members and family in Japan, so the Fukushima earthquake felt close to home.  We responded with donations through Mercy Corps, which was coordinating with relief efforts on the ground.

Peruvian Earthquake Disaster, UNICEF   8.27.2007

CFARS has donated to UNICEF in order to help with the effort to reconstruct and provide assistance to people in this region. 

Philippine Tragedy, UNICEF   12.7.2006

CFARS members are watching the news, looking for situations where people need help around the world.   UNICEF has been our primary conduit, and this time they're making a big difference, saving lives in the Philippines.  

Helping UN out in the Horn of Africa and Darfur, UNICEF   7.3.2006

Again, Center for a Reasoning Society is donating a significant portion of our yearly intake to communities in crisis.  Again, we're helping UNICEF, this time in Darfur where UNICEF is one of the few organizations that is able to sustain a presence in Darfur, and has an established presence in the horn of Africa helping out with the drought there.  

South Asian Earthquake, UNICEF   10.17.2005

CFARS has donated funds to support this vital international rescue effort in one of the harshest regions in the world. 

Donation to Help U.S. Gulf Hurricane Victims, UNICEF   9.25.2005

CFARS is assisting victims in the Gulf Coast region of the United States, selecting UNICEF as the relief organization through which we act. 

Donation to Tsunami Fund for South Asia, UNICEF   1.18.2005

CFARS donated over 20% of our liquid assets to the UNICEF tsunami relief fund. This was something the board of directors felt a humanitarian obligation to do in order to make one of the biggest impacts we could with our limited funds to improve the tragic situation in this region of the world. 

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