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transforming through reason

Resources for reasoning
CFARS encourages a holistic approach that draws on many resources. We welcome all to access some of these below.

Five Tough Questions

Views from the sciences and the benefits of a critical attitude

Prerequisites to reason

Critical attitude

There is a pleasure that comes with learning.  But there is a difference between dogmatic learning and critical learning. Critical learning happens with a critical attitude which values questioning, examining, and reflective thinking.  On this path one sees the merits of skepticism and continuously learns through being open to re-evaluating and modifying one's view. This is the way of expanding our perspective, not restricting it.  

This resource describes some of the basic human skills, perspectives, and situational dynamics that are necessary in order to expect someone to be reasoning clearly, instead of only rationalizing, irrationally persuading, maintaining a position uncritically, or intimidating.


Many people are not able to reason clearly under adverse conditions and with poor support or preparation, so we should never discount another's ideas out of hand.  But when we have the opportunity, we should help provide people with these prerequisites.

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