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Are We Living in Devastating Times?

Jacqueline Kitts, is a guest author, and senior citizen. She currently lives in Northwest Florida and finds interacting with many friends somewhat depressing these days. In this short piece, she shares her experience as a youth in England, and her approach to coping in America today.

I have come to the conclusion that most Americans have absolutely no idea what it is like to live in devastating times and think that the end of the world is near because they have to stay home, or social distance or wear a mask or can't watch their favorite sports event, all because of an unknown virus that is proving to be quite deadly. Europe and UK had 4 years of the First World War, a twenty or so year break trying to recover, then another six year war which was even more devastating and trying to recover from that, plus communism, cold war food shortages health concerns the list goes on.

The first 10 years of my life was spent in a street that had been 3/4 ths bombed out, ration books, and still having to carry a gas mask round my neck. We also at school learnt a lot of how all the things came about so we would be aware of what to look out for so as we grew up we wouldn't fall for the propaganda that overtook Italy and Germany that triggered esp. the 2nd. World War. We have become so used to instant this and that, that if we have to wait for tomorrow to get a pill for my headache today, when I should have had it yesterday so I wouldn't have it today - it's just not right.

I think I would like to move to Norway. I think I have more in common with those folk. I'm not yet serious about this - although I do have friends in Norway and Denmark and their lifestyle is very enviable. I'm wasting my breath, time, energy and sanity on folk who just have a mind set Trump-is-what-is-best for America.

I'm just going to concentrate on trying to do my bit in trying to conserve what is left of our natural environment, which really has been with me all my life Waste Not - Want Not. I have my little garden growing some veggies, no car at the moment so not wasting gas to go shopping for stuff I don't really need, enough books to fill a library, although I have read most of them over and over, a TV I can watch PBS and see some of the English Stuff, esp. on Sunday, Nova and Nature, BBC News, and other International News, as well as some excellent documentaries. I have a computer to google stuff, keep in touch with Family and Friends virtually - and youtube how to make stuff. I knit, crochet, sew, paint, draw, and various other crafts, some better than others, enough projects that need completing to last me another 200 hundred years, (and I'm not one to exaggerate!) So I think I have enough to keep me busy for the next 100 days or so before the results of Nov. 3rd.

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